the program to improve women's leadership skills

WLead is a project co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union that aims to promote the acquisition and improvement of professional and personal skills and competencies of women entrepreneurs, employed and unemployed who seek to boost their professional career.

The WLead project will develop throughout its 2 years of duration a a package of training tools for women that will be accessible through an online learning platform to respond to the special needs most demanded by women today.


Adittionally three training seminars will be phisically held in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain to put the previously developed tools into practice and several mentoring meetings will be held among the participating women.

Finally, several events will take place at national level to publicize the results of this initiative that will provide women with the skills they need to be leaders in the professional field in a new digital age.

The project is aimed at women over 30 years of age, residing in Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg

with enterpreneurship projects or the process of upskilling/reskilling professional change


While each of these groups presents specific characteristics and needs, they also share many: the desire to progress in their professional career, whereas in the management level or as a entreprenour.

The target profile are professionals who want to give a boost to their professional careers that will make them develop their soft skills and improve their entrepreneurial skills.



Who can participate?


Employed women

Employed women who want to be promoted to managerial positions within a company;

Women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs who want to improve their entrepreneurial and social skills

Unemployed women

Unemployed women seeking to enter or re-enter the labor market or start their entrepreneurial career